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The best cassation law firm in constitutional and administrative law
We confront these problems with real confrontation, provide them with the most appropriate final solutions, and address all your legal issues in a correct and ideal legal manner at the same time.


We are a group of committed and hard-working legal professionals who are dedicated to bringing justice to those who need it most. Our commitment revolves around advocating for equal rights and we go to great lengths to protect the rights of our clients whether it is dealing with family legal matters and personal injuries. Or dealing with real estate and corporate cases, we have a team of competent experts ready to defend you effectively in the courtroom

Practice Areas

Criminal Law

Family Issues

Marriage Of Foreigners

Cassation Issues

Iimmigration Issues

General money issues and laws

Corporate Issues

Civil Law

Personal Status Issues

Civil Possession Disputes

Special Affairs Of The Council Of State

Internet crime cases

Our branch locations

Cairo Office

16 Emtedad Makram Ebeid Street, in front of City Stars - Nasr City

Sharm El Sheikh Office

C25 Mall 7 Naama Bay, Sharm El Sheikh

Tor Sinai Office

villa 67 aubnaa baytik alqadim tawar sina


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